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Cooking classes with Chef David Jahnke 

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Chef David Jahnke Cooking Classes

About me:

If you would like to know more about me, then please allow me to present myself:

Short Introduction:
My name is David Jahnke and I was born in 1976 in Rostock, Germany. I have been living in Mexico for 22 years and I have worked about 29 years in total in the gastronomy business and in University superior education for over 5 years. After working internationally as Chef and beside in education on University level for licensed degree in gastronomy, I consider myself as a professional for food science of international gastronomy.
In the last few years I have taken many different courses at Universities to refine didactic teaching, I have given a few conferences in different Universities including in the Autonomy University of Barcelona, Spain and also recently at the annual COIL Conference 2018 in the Fashion Institute of Technology, State University of New York, USA.
I have participated in the writing of two books about superior education strategies and have developed with students from the University of Celaya, a few nonprofit social projects to elevate the quality of Hospital meals, for the government office of Tourism, for associations which help people in need, for children with disabilities or with cancer, for associations of Mexican farmers and also for the food industry.

I am international certified as:
1.            Professional Cook by the Government of Germany
2.            Chef Educator by France World Association of Chefs (WACS)
3.            Graduated with University Title for Licensed Degree in Gastronomy, certified by the Secretary of Education, Mexico
4.            Maître Cusinier by the culinary association of France

Detailed Introduction:
1992 – 1995: I study for professional cook in the Hotel & Gastronomy School in Holzstein, Germany and have my certificate as ‘Professional Cook’ from the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in the time I study I also worked full time as a Cook in the Gourmet restaurant in the Gorch Fock Hotel in Timmendorfer Strand, Germany. 
1994: 1th place in Germany in the “Bertholt Eisenhut” cooking contest organized by the German Ostholzstein State Cooking Association. 
1995: 4th place at the national Germany Cooking contest “Rudolf Achenbach” organized by the national German Cooking Association.
1995: Winner of the “6 Dollar dish” cooking contest at the Casino Hotel Travemuende Germany, organized by German North States Hotel and Restaurant Association
1995 – 1997: I worked as a Demi Chef in the famous Dom Hotel in Koeln, Germany
1998: I participated in a course for hygienic food handling in Acapulco, Mexico. 
1997 – 2007: I worked as Executive Chef in the Boca Chica Hotel in Acapulco, Mexico. The Hotel was visited offend by international and national celebrities and is now one of the most expensive boutique hotels from Acapulco.
2004 and 2005: Twice State winner from State of Guerrero, Mexico in the Chef Contest organized by USA Meat and represent twice the State in the finals in Mexico City.
2005: I participated in a course for wine pairing in Acapulco, Mexico.
2007 – 2011: Created with my business partner Miguel, the fish Store “La Isla” (first located in Colonia Guadalupe and now at “Mercado Sano”) and which is also participating at the Organic market since the beginning of it. 
2013 – 2014: I worked as head Chef in the MX Restaurant, in that time we won 1th price at the “100 paella contest” which was organized at the Real the Minas Hotel, we participated at the “Lamb and Mezcal” festival at the Sierra Nevada Hotel, at the first “Sabores San Miguel” event, did an Event at the Toyan Ranch together with the “Casa the Ave” and “Rosewood” Chef where we served a 5 course menu for 300 people, we served the red carpet for the GIFF 2013 and 2014 Festival and we were mentioned in local, national and international magazines.
2012 – 2016: I worked as a professor for hours in 3 different Universities and taught classes for licensed degree in “Gastronomy”, in “Nutrition” and “Tourism” in the University UCA Celaya, in the University CEDVA Celaya and also in the University UNI Celaya which is awarded with excellence by FIMPES and is considered as one of the best Universities in Mexico.
2013: I did my test and got my certification as “Professional Chef Educator” from WACS (World Association of Chefs Society), known as the world's oldest international Professional Chef Society. 
2016: 1th place at goat cooking contest at the beer festival in Celaya
Since June 2016: Contracted at the University of Celaya as full time professor and academic lieder for license degree in Gastronomy
2016: Participated in 2 different Master degrees at the University of Barcelona, Spain and also gave a conference about “Mexican Gastronomy and Cultural World Heritage”
2017: I teach international with collaborated education program COIL between University of Celaya and New York State University of Corning CC
2018: I represented the University of Celaya at the annual COIL Conference in the Fashion Institute of New York.
2018 - 2019: I started my own private cooking school in June 2018 and since them it’s our full time family business, which thanks to the support of all our customers and their great reviews, has brought us to the Top in TripAdvisor being recognized as the best traveler rated cooking school of all Mexico.
If you have any questions, please let me know.
Best wishes,
Lic. Chef David Jahnke 

Tel: 7441363963  |  Email:

I am located in San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico


Cooking Courses

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Contact me personal to my email

I will respond in less then 24 hour's


                 About our cooking school and how do we work:         


A short introduction about how my cooking school work’s and what you can experience with us.


In my cooking school which is located in Colonia San Antonio in San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico, we offer all year long cooking classes and market tours or combinations of both. Most of the days we get booked for private reservations, but in low season we offer also some days for public group classes, the monthly calendar of them we post here on our website or you can request it to my email. The public group classes or tours, can fill up to 8 people, which gives a great opportunity to meet new people, to share your experience and socialize.


If you would like to book me private for personal training, or a cooking class for you, your family, a group or for someone else as a gift, or if you would like me to train your staff or cook and serve for you private or cater your event, then please contact me direct to my email


The class can be made as a “Demonstration Class” or as “Hand’s-On Class” in which of course I will adjust the activities to the abilities of each participant, so beginner or professional, you all are welcome. During the class I will show you lots of tips and tricks and also how to manage and refine culinary techniques and of course I am there to answer all your question and to help when needed. Your private class I can give in English, German or Spanish, however you prefer. 


I am specialized in Mexican Pre-Hispanic and traditional Mexican Mestiza Cuisine, French Cuisine, Spanish Cuisine, Italian cuisine, German Cuisine, International Cuisine, Food Science and also salty and sweet baking. I also teach healthy cuisine courses for vegetarians (all types), Vegans or people with nutritional inefficiency or alimentary restrictions including gluten free cuisine. 


Arriving at our house/cooking school for your cooking class, we will welcome you in and offer you some fresh natural and also flavored water, after I will seat you in my kitchen on the working table, at your reserved spot. First I give 30 minutes’ theory introduction about history of techniques and ingredients we will use during the class and after we start with the pre-preparations. After we cook together (usual 4 recipes per 3-hour class) and of course all we make will be eaten, there is always lots of food.


I promise professional & educational teaching with traditional and new refreshing cooking techniques and also lots of fun by learning to make complete natural handmade food plus that you will enjoy delicious dishes. I will provide the kitchen with full professional equipment, all kitchen utensils and food supplies to insure a professional teaching quality and all recipes of the class will be provided after to your email.


Any questions, please contact me,


Lic. Chef David Jahnke

Chef David Jahnke cooking classes

Chef David Jahnke 

I am at your service !

Tel: 7441363963  |  Email:

I am located in San Miguel de Allende, GTO, Mexico


If you have questions about my courses, please feel free to contact me

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Chef David Jahnke
Chef David Jahnke
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Chef David Jahnke
Chef David Jahnke
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