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Please check out all options we offer for your private cooking class, which you can set up yourself, by choosing what you would like to cook and enjoy during your event.      

     My Courses, Classes and Subjects of them:


                 Basic cooking techniques course (2 sessions);                    

In the 2 introduction classes of each 3 hours you will learn:

Part 1:

Knife skills: How to use small and large knifes; holding and handling by sharping, cutting, chopping, storing

Cutting skills: 3 different cutting techniques for Chef Knifes (pull, push, lift), how to cut correctly all different types of French cuts, different sizes of Brunoise dice, the Julienne cut, the Batonnet cut, paysanne cut, rhombus, thin slices cut, sashimi (thick and thin cut), 3 easy techniques to cut vegetables into shapes, how to chop correctly    

Other important tips & tricks: how to cut onion, how to peel correctly, how to mince garlic, how to clean and peel vegetables like poblano chili, jalapeno chili and belt pepper, how to clean & prepare artichokes, how to caramelize onions, how to make ghee, how to peel asparagus, how to cut out the filets of citrus fruits, how to peel tomatoes, almonds and grapes


Part 2:

Basic cooking techniques skills:

Without heat: how to apply correctly cooking techniques like; marinade with citric, curing with Salt & Sugar, pickling, souring, pre-ferment & fermenting

With heat: how to apply correctly cooking techniques like; steaming, baking, sautéing, boiling, stir fry, deep fry, smoking, grilling, shallow frying, pressure cooking, simmering, poaching, pressure frying, slow cooking, roasting, drying, cook au gratin, combining cooking methods, applying thermal shock to finish cooking process.

Basic cuts for meat: How to clean and cut a whole chicken & how to clean, cut and filet a whole fish




                               Pre-Hispanic Cuisine Course;                        

Learn how to use Mexican Pre- Hispanic Cooking tools & Cooking techniques Course (3 hours): You will learn how to use Traditional Mexican Prehispanic Culinary Tools; we will work with different types of ‘Molcajete’ volcanic rock grinders, different types of ‘Metate’ grinders, roast on ‘Comal’ pan’s, use the mesquite wood Tortilla press and you also will learn about the mesquite wood Tortilla printer. You will learn about ‘nixtamalization’ of corn, about ‘tatemar’ on open fire and we will make tortillas with our fresh made corn dough. We also will prepare and enjoy after: Different molcajete sauces, a refreshing drink made with Mexican cacao seeds, guacamole in molcajete grinder and we also will make some Huitlacotche corn fungus quesadillas with Oaxaca string cheese.


Or you can choose up to 4 recipes for your 3-hour cooking class, here a few options:


    Traditional Mexican Mestiza cuisine dishes:

Appetizers / first course dishes;

‘Ensalada de Nopal’ (Mexican Nopal Cactus leaf salad)

‘Ensalada Cesar’ (made the classic Tijuana recipe)

‘Ropa Vieja al estilo mexicano’ (Cactus leaf & shredded beef meat salad)

‘Stuffed Passila Chili’ (with fresh goat cheese, served with tomato broth)

‘Stuffed jalapeño peppers’ (with fresh Huitlacotche corn fungus and Oaxaca string cheese)

‘Sopes’ (Crunchy corn dough circles topped with beans, chili sauce made in the Molcajete grinder, sour cream and ranchero cheese)

‘Ensalada navideña’ (Mexican Christmas apple & nut salad)


‘Atole de Grano’ Traditional from Michoacán, its cooked fresh corn seeds served in a delicious fennel broth. 

‘Sopa de Tortilla’ (Mexican Tortilla/Aztec soup, chicken/tomato broth, served with fried Pasilla chili, corn chips, avocado, cream and fresh Mexican ranchero cheese)

‘Crema de Chile Poblano’ (Poblano chili cream soup)

‘Crema de elote’ (Corn cream soup made from fresh corn served with plantain chips)

‘Crema de frijol’ (Black bean soup (served with tortilla chips, ranchero cheese, cream and avocado), ‘Sopa de lenteja al estilo Guerrero’ (Acapulco style lentil soup, made with plantain, pineapple & much more)

‘Sopa Tastihuile (tixtihuil)’ (Nayarit style shrimp soup made with corn dough and different types of chilies)

Mole sauces;

‘Mole Oaxaca’ (more than 35 ingredients including cacao seeds),

‘Mole Manchamanteles’ (called the “Tableclothstain” sauce, delicious and rare to find, made with seasonal fruits & pork meat),

‘Mole Pipian verde’ (green pumpkin seed based sauce)

‘Mole Pipian rojo’ (red pumpkin seed based sauce)

‘Mole Poblano’ (made with smoked chilies + many other roasted ingredients)

‘Mole Amarillo de Queretaro’ (made with chick peas and served with pork ribs & loin)

‘Mole de olla, verde o rojo’ (Beef stew made with a red tomato-chili broth or green tomatillo-chili broth and veggies)

‘Mole de queso’ (Red Tomato & chili based sauce, served with fresh local Ranchero cheese)

‘Tlemole de flor de calabaza y palmito’ (Pumpkin flower and palm heart stew, made with red dried chilies, tomatoes or tomatillos, spices and seeds)

Mexican Salsas;

‘Salsas frías/botaneras’ (Cold served table center sauces - Red Roasted tomato chili sauce + Roasted Green tomatillo sauce + Avocado/lemon sauce)

‘Adobo’ (traditional to marinate any kind of meats or fish & also for stews and sauces)
‘Chile Toreados’ (spicy onion, serrano chili, lemon & soya sauce)

‘Salsa roja y verde para platillos calientes’ (Mexican hot served sauces, can be used for enchiladas, Chilaquiles, fried or scrambled eggs and for many other Mexican dishes, we make Red ‘Salsa Roja’ + Green sauce ‘Salsa Verde’)

‘Pico de Gallo’ Sauce, (fresh chopped vegie sauce- Onion, Tomato, Chili, garlic & more)

‘Guacamole’ (avocado dip/sauce)

‘Salsa de Xoconostle’ (acidic fruit which is a species of prickly pear cactus, chilies and tomatillos)


‘Tamal Ahogado divorciado’ - ‘The drowned divorced tamal’ (Steamed corn dough served covered with red tomato & green tomatillo chili broths)

‘Tamales Oaxaqueño’ (Fresh corn dough stuffed with Turkey meat in Oaxaca Cacao Mole Sauce, wrapped and steamed inside a fresh banana plant leaf)

‘Corn husk Tamales’ (Fresh corn dough stuffed with Turkey, chicken or pork meat in red or green sauce, or with rajas de chili or cheese, wrapped and steamed inside a dehydrated corn husk)

‘Corundas from Michoacan’; Corn plant leaf Tamales (Fresh corn dough, wrapped to a triangle shape and steamed inside a fresh corn plant leaf or ‘Hoja Santa (Saint Leaf)’, they will be served with shredded pork meat and green tomatillo-chili broth)

‘Tamales dulces’ (sweet tamales made with corn dough, sugar or piloncillo & fruits)

Vegetarian main / principal dishes;

‘Rajas de chile Poblano’ (Poblano chili slices cooked in a cream sauce, served with crunchy baked tortillas and ranchero cheese)

‘Calabacitas a la mexicana’ (Zucchinis/Squash stew Mexican style)

‘Quesadillas de Huitlacotche’ (Fresh corn fungus quesadillas, made with corn tortillas and Oaxaca string cheese)

‘Quesadillas de Flor de Calabaza’ (Zucchini flower Quesadillas, made with corn tortillas and Oaxaca string cheese)

‘Arroz Poblano’ (Poblano Chili rice, traditional side dish)

‘Chile relleno’ (with egg covered Poblano chili, stuffed with ranchero cheese, served in a light tomato broth)

‘Huazontles’ (Chenopodium nuttalliae, a species of edible plant native to Mexico, wrapped in egg, stuffed with fresh cheese, served with tomato sauce)


‘Taco dorado’ (crunchy tortilla roles stuffed with chicken and served with chicken broth, lettuce, radish and cream)

‘Taco de Cecina’ (beef meat that has been salted and dried by air will be fried at the moment and served in a corn tortilla with some fresh made salsa, avocado, fresh cheese and cream)

‘Taco de camarones’ (shrimp tacos Baja California style), fried shrimp accompaniment with lettuce or cabbage, ‘pico de gallo’ sauce, avocado and a sour cream, all placed on top of a corn or flour tortilla.

‘Tacos sudados’ ("sweaty tacos") soft tortillas stuffed with chicken in mole sauce, then placed in a basket covered with cloth. The covering keeps the tacos warm and traps steam ("sweat") which softens them.


‘Enchiladas Rojas’ (with chicken stuffed Corn Tortilla in red Guajillo pepper sauce)

‘Enchiladas Verdes’ (with chicken stuffed Corn Tortilla in Green Tomatillo sauce)

‘Enchiladas Suizas’ (Swiss style Enchiladas with creamy tomatillo sauce, covered with Swiss cheese) ‘Enchiladas Mineras’ (Guanajuato Style, marinated fried corn tortillas stuffed with fresh cheese, served with sautéed carrot and potato dice, lettuce and sour cream)

‘Enchiladas de Pulque’ (Pulque is an alcoholic beverage made from the fermented sap of the maguey (agave) plant and for that recipe its used to make the sauce, adding tomatillos, chilies and other ingredients, the enchiladas will be stuffed with shredded Turkey meat)

‘Enmoladas’ (with chicken stuffed corn tortillas, covered with Mexican mole sauce)

‘Enfrijoladas’ (with chicken stuffed corn tortillas, covered with Mexican bean sauce)

‘Entomatadas’ (with chicken stuffed corn tortillas, covered with Mexican tomato sauce)

Mexican Breakfast dishes:

‘Chilaquilles’ (Crunchy fried tortilla chips cooked in a green tomatillo or red tomato sauce, served with fried egg, sour cream, fresh ranchero cheese and avocado & Fried black beans

‘Huevos con machaca’ (eggs with shredded beef meat and tomato chili sauce)

‘Quesdaillas de requeson’ (Corn tortillas stuffed with fresh requeson cheese, serrano chili, epazote herb, baked on a comal pan and served with cold chili sauce)

‘Omelete con Huazontle’ (Egg omelet made with Chenopodium nuttalliae, which is a species of edible plant native to Mexico)

‘Huevos Divorciados’ (Scrambeled or fried eggs served in green & red sauce (Half & half))

‘Huevos a la Mexicana’ (Scrambled eggs made with serrano chilies, tomato and onion and served with corn tortillas, refried beans and avocado)

Meat main / principal dishes;

‘Chiles Nogada’ (Stuffed Poblano chili, traditional served in our revolutionary month September)

‘Caldo Tlalpeño’ (Chicken broth (with chipotle touch), cooked and served with shredded chicken, potatoes, carrots, chick peas & corn)

‘Caldo de Res, Puchero o Cocido’ (Rich beef broth, served with many vegies including fresh corn, Chayote, Mexican squash, green beans and many other veggies)

‘Cochinita Pibil’ (Pork shoulder meat cooked Yucatan style, with Achiote seeds and citrus fruits)

‘Red or green Pozole’ (Pork or chicken or combined meat stew, served with hominy corn in green or red tomato broth)

‘Chicharon in salsa Verde or roja’ (crunchy pork rind cooked in green tomatillo or red tomato chili sauce)

‘Tinga de pollo’ (shredded chicken breast, cooked in tomato-chipotle sauce)

‘Tostadas de Picadillo’ (ground beef and potatoes cooked in a flavorful sauce, served on toasted corn tortilla)

‘Torta Ahogada’ (Guadalajara style with ‘Carnitas’ (fried pork meat) stuffed bun covered with tomato sauce)

‘Pierna de cerdo en salsa adobada’ (marinated roasted pork shoulder)

‘Arroz navideño’ (Traditional Christmas served rice side dish, made with

‘Pastel/Torta Azteca’ (Tower of toasted tortillas, shredded chicken breast, avocado, mole sauce, cream and fresh cheese)

‘Fajitas de pollo o arrachera de res, a la mexicana’ (Beef meat or chicken breast sautéed with nopal cactus leaf, roman tomatoes, onion, garlic & jalapeño chilies)

‘Poc Chuc’ (Pork meat prepared in citrus marinade and after cooked over a grill)

‘Carnitas Michoanaca’ – Uruapan style (Tender braising/simmering pork meat)

‘Carne en su Jugo’ (Beef or goat meat, slow cooked and served in his own juice)

‘Tinga Poblana’ (tender cooked shredded pork meat, sautéed in a tomato - chipotle sauce)

‘Birria’ (dish from the state of Jalisco, it’s a spicy stew, traditionally made from goat meat or mutton, but occasionally from beef or chicken, you chooseJ)

‘Caldo de Frijol (de mayo)’ (Brown (May) bean stew, slow cooked with pork shank and cold smoked chilies)

‘Romeritos’ (sprigs of a wild plant known as seep weed, cooked in mole sauce)

Seafood main / principal dishes;

‘Caldo de jaibon’ (Blue Crab served in rich Tomato – Guajillo pepper broth)

‘Caldo de Camaron’ (Fresh shrimp cooked and served in rich Tomato – Guajillo pepper broth)

Pulpo enamorado’ (Octopus salad with homemade Chipotle mayonnaise, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, red onion and more, served with baked tortillas)

‘Mexican Guerrero style Ceviche’ (White fish filet with tomato, onion, coriander and more served in a citrus – tomato cocktail sauce)

‘Camaron a la Diabla’ (Shrimp “devil style”, fresh shrimp sautéed with a hot-spicy chili tomato sauce)

‘Agua Chile de Cameron’ (Mexican shrimp ceviche, fresh marinated shrimp, served with cucumber, avocado, serrano and habanero peppers and red onion slices)

‘Pescado a la Veracruzana’ (Fish filet Veracruz Style, Red snapper filet steamed inside a banana leaf with a rich tomato sauce which includes olives, capers, bell peppers, onion & more)

‘Minilla’ (Acapulco Style fish quesadillas, shredded white fish filet, cooked in tomato – Guajillo chili sauce and after folded in corn tortillas which are shallow fried to get crunchy)

‘Veracruz Shrimp ‘Pozole’ (fresh shrimp and hominy corn cooked in a tomatillo – chili broth)

‘Caldo de piedra’ (Fish & shrimp soup, slow cooked with hot river stones, which will be heated on the fire and after added to the stew until all is cooked)

‘Mexican style seafood soup’ (veggies, mussels, crab, shrimp, fish, clams cooked in a non-spicy chili tomato broth)  


‘Arrachera Burritos’ (consists of a flour tortilla with Arrachera Beef meat sautéed with other ingredients and after wrapped into a closed-ended cylinder that can be picked up, in contrast to a taco, where the tortilla is simply folded around the fillings, served with hot sauce and guacamole)

‘Chimichanga’ (deep-fried burrito popular in Tex-Mex, Southwestern U.S. cuisine. Filled flour tortilla with rice, cheese, beans, machaca (shredded dried meat) and then folded into a rectangular package. After it will be deep-fried and accompanied by salsa, guacamole, sour cream or cheese.

‘Nachos’ (Corn chips, fried beans, brined chilies, sautéed ground meat (50% beef+50% Pork), 3 types of cheese)

‘Chile con Carne’ (ground meat (50% beef+50%Pork), beans, corn, tomato sauce, lots of chilies (fresh, dry & smoked), garlic, onion & more) – served with garlic bread


‘Sweet corn cake’ (Made from with fresh corn seeds

‘Chocolate Flan’ (with caramelized sugar sauce)

‘Budin’ (Bread Pudding with sugar sauce)

‘Platano Frito’ (Fried Plantain with cinnamon)

‘Dulce de Camote’ (Sweet Potato pure)

‘Torrejas’ (fried Bread in piloncillo sauce)

‘Buñuelos’ (Mexican Fritters served with a piloncillo sugar – guava fruit sauce)

‘Homemade Avocado ice cream’ (with Maguey Honey)

‘Flan a lo Napolitano’ – (Vanilla Flan with caramelized sugar sauce)

Mexican fresh waters;

‘Agua de Horchata’ (rice – Cinnamon water)

‘Agua de Jamaica’ (Hibiscus flower water with cinnamon and anise star)

‘Agua de tamarindo’ (Fresh Tamarind water)

‘Agua de Chilate’ (made with cacao seed)

‘Agua de limon’ (Fresh Lemon water)

‘Agua de Xoconostle’ (acidic fruit which is a species of prickly pear cactus + ‘Aguamiel’ (‘honey water’ from Maguey Agave plant)

‘Atole de Chocolate’ ((hot corn - and masa-based beverage made with cacao seeds)

‘Ponche Navideño’ (Mexican Christmas Punch)

‘Atole de guayaba’ (hot corn - and masa-based beverage with guava fruits)

Mexican Cheese Sampling Plate; (if interested in this option then please request the cost for it)

‘Options for Mexican Cheese Plate’:

Aged ‘Cotija’ Cheese, Aged ‘Queso anejo’ Cheese, Mex. Manchego Cheese (cow milk), Oaxaca string cheese, ‘Requeson’ Cheese, ‘Panela’ Cheese, ‘Queso fresco/ranchero’ Cheese, ‘Doble Crema Chapaneco’ Cheese, fresh goat cheese, smoked mex. provolone cheese, ‘asadero cheese’, ‘Queso de canasta’ cheese, ‘Queso enchilado’ Cheese & more.


                                Italian Cuisine;                           

Appetizers/ Antipasti; Bruschettas, Beef filet Carpaccio, Seppie Ripiene (stuffed Squid), Polpette di Melanzane (Crunchy Eggplant balls), Caprese salad (mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, fresh basil, balsamic vinegar, olivé oil, fresh ground pepper & smoked salt), Panzanella (Tuscan bread salad)

Soups; Minestrone soup (Made with fresh seasonal vegetables and much more), Italian wedding soup (Rich chicken broth with spinach, wild mushrooms and tiny parmesan cheese - meatballs), Italian stracciatella soup, Zuppa di Porcini (Mushroom soup)

Primo or side dishes; ‘Risotto Milanese’ (rice dish which contains butter, onion, white wine, parmesan cheese and its cooked with the slow adding of meat broth until it reaches creamy consistency), Polenta with mushrooms, fresh made Potato Gnocchi with parmesan cheese, Gnocchi di semolina, Risi e Bisi

Fresh Pasta ‘Lunga’ & Sauces: Homemade pasta dough, homemade Linguini’s and thin pasta made with natural colors (black, yellow and green), ‘Frutti di mare’ (seafood) sauce (creamy mollusks & crustaceous sauce), Carbonara sauce (Roman egg – hard cheese – pancetta sauce), Vongole sauce

Stuffed Pasta & Sauces: Homemade pasta dough, Shrimp cannelloni, Triangoli di salmone (triangles of pasta filled with salmon), homemade raviolis, homemade stuffed tortellini, Arrabiata sauce, Pesto sauce, ‘Pomodoro’ sauce (Italian tomato sauce)

Lasagnas; Homemade pasta dough, Bolognese sauce, Lasagna Bolognese with cream spinach & parmigiano sauce, Vegetarian Lasagna

Pizzas: Fresh Pizza dough, pizza sauce, handmade Pizzas (different styles & Types), Homemade Calzone, Pancetta Focaccia Twists (twisted crunchy breadsticks with parmesan and bacon)

Meat main / principal dishes; Suppli al telefono (Rice croquettes stuffed with chicken and Cheese) Saltimbocca (Prosciutto ham stuffed beef rolls), Ossobuco (braised veal shank, in tomato sauce), Uccellini Scappati (Stuffed pork Loyne rolls), Italian Lamb Stew, Italian Meatloaf roll stuffed with Mozzarella cheese, Italian baked meatballs, Pollo Cacciatore (Chicken thighs hunters style), ‘Coniglio al vino rosso’ (rabbit braised in red wine sauce), Carne Pizzaiola (meat in tomato sauce), Chicken Parmigiana (chicken breast with marinera sauce and cheese)

Seafood main / principal dishes; Acqua Pazza (Mediterranean fish dish), fish filet piccata style (caper, lemon butter sauce), Venetian style fish stew, Buridda (seafood stew)

Desserts & sweet's: Tiramisu (Ladyfingers, Coffee and Amaretto + Mascarpone cheese), Italian Gelato (2 different flavors of Italian ice cream), Italian Cartellate (wine fritters in Honey), Stuffed Cannolli, Italian anisette Cookies, Italian Chiacchiere, Italian Sfogliatelle (backed, filled shells), fruit au gratin with sabayon, Baba, italian parfait, Zeppole, Panna Cotta (cold Italian custard, served with fruit sauce), ‘Amaretti’ (Amaretto macaron that is traditional to Saronno, Italy), ‘Panettone’ (Italian type of sweet bread loaf originally from Milan)



                           Spanish Cuisine;                               

Appetizers / first course dishes;

Different types of Spanish Tapas, Spanish chilli mussels, Serrano ham stuffed mushrooms, Spanish empanadas, aioli sauce, Clams in tomato sauce, Serrano ham Croquettes with homemade aioli sauce (Spanish garlic mayonnaise), ‘Pulpo a la Gallega’ -Galician Style Octopus (served with potatoes, smoked paprika and extra virgin olive oil), Pinchos Morunos, Patatas bravas, Spanish omelet, sofrito sauce, Spanish vegetable coca, Spanish quinoa, mushrooms in escabeche, Pisto (Spanish ratatouille)


Ajoblanco (Spanish Chilled Bread and Almond Soup), Riojana potato soup, Sweet and salty gazpachos, Caldo Gallego (soup), Pastor Manchego soup, couscous soup, Salmorejo


Valencian paella – (with quail, chicken, rabbit, clams, mussels, pork meat, shrimp, crab, bell peppers, white beans, green beans, peas, red bell pepper, artichokes, saffron & more)

Seafood paella – (2 sizes of shrimp, mussels, 3 types of clams, octopus, squid, crab, roasted green bell pepper, peas, green beans & more)

Black Paella – (with Mussels, clams, squid, octopus, roasted red & yellow bell pepper, green beans, peas, white beans, fresh squid ink & more)

Fideua – (made with seafood and pasta)

Meat main / principal dishes;

Spanish sherry duck, Pollo Chilindron (chicken), Andalusian Beef Stew, spicy Spanish meatballs, Rabo de toro (Oxtail stew), Conejo San Feina (Rabbit), Asturian fabada, Gazpacho manchego, Olla Podrida (been & meat stew),

Seafood main / principal dishes;

Fish baked in a salt crust, Marmitako de Atún (Tuna fish stew), Barcelona seafood stew, Trucha a la Navarra con mojo de cilantro (fried trout Navarra style)

Desserts & sweets:

Polvorones cookies, Alfajores cookies, Catalán Cream (also known as burnt cream or Trinity cream, dessert consisting of a rich custard base topped with a texturally contrasting layer of hardened caramelized sugar), Tarta de Santiago (Almond cake), Suspiros de monjas, Spanish hazelnut custard, Red wine pears, Spanish Quesada cake, Yemas de Santa Teresa (Santa Teresa yolks), Leche Frita (fried milk)



                                   German Cuisine;                                     

Appetizers / first course dishes / snacks;

German leberwurst (liver paste), Different types of German Sausages (Beef/ veal, pork, mixed), German Frikadelle/Bulette, Kartoffel puffer mit apfelmus (crunchy potato tarts with apple sauce), gurken salat (cucumber dill salad)


Soljanka soup, East German ‘Wild Mushroom Cream’ soup, Linseneintopf (lentil soup)

Side dishes;

Sauerkraut, Rotkohl, Kartoffel Kloesse, Semmel Knoedel - Bread dumplings (Serviettenknödel), Schupfnudeln, Homemade Spaetzle pasta (sautéed in butter), Erbsen purre (mashed peas pure), Bratkartoffeln, German potato salad (pickles, potato, dill, mayonnaise, onion, bacon & much more), German noodle salad, Zwiebelkuchen (Onion cake)

Meat main / principal dishes;

Wiener schnitzel (breaded pork shoulder meat), Jaeger schnitzel (breaded pork chop meat with mushroom sauce), Zigeuner schnitzel (breaded pork loin meat with bell pepper sauce), Geschmorte Schweinehaxe, ‘Koenigsberger kloepse’ (meatballs in a creamy sour caper sauce), Schmorbraten (beef and pork leg stew), Gefüllte paprikaschoten (Baked Stuffed bell peppers), ‘Flammkuchen’ (bread dough rolled out very thinly covered with onion, sour cream and bacon and after it gets crunchy baked just as a thin crust pizza), German Eisbein (Slow cooked Pork shank, juicy and tasty meat falls from the bone), Sauerfleisch, Kohlroladen (stuffed cabbage rolls), ‘Rinder rouladen’ (Stuffed Beef meat rolls roasted in a red wine gravy), Eintopf (Beef, vegetable and sausage stew), Sauerbraten (stew in sour sauce), Maultaschen (stuffed pasta), Dampfnudeln (steamed bread with toppings)

Fish main / principal dishes;

Fish filet in dill sauce, Fish filet in mustard sauce, geduenstete forelle (steamed Trout), deutsche fischfrikadelle (fischburger with remoulade sauce)

Sweets and Dessserts:

Lebkuchen, Bavarian cream (vanilla-whipped cream dessert), Rote Gruetze (cold red fruit cocktail), Black Forest cake (Chocolate-Cherry-Whipped Cream Cake), Fresh made Berliner Pfannkuchen (traditional German pastry similar to a doughnut with no central hole, stuffed with berry marmalade), German gluehwein (German mulled red wine poached with spices and fruits, gently sweet. Warmly spiced drink as found at Christmas markets), Bretzel, Streuselkuchen, German ‘Lebkuchen Herzen’ (Ginger cookie hearts), ‘German MohnStollen’ (Poppy seeds – Almond Stollen), spekulatius kekse


                               French Cuisine;                                            

Breakfast dishes: Croque Madame (baked ham and cheese sandwich topped with a fried egg), Oeufs en meurette (in red wine poached eggs)

Appetizers / first course dishes / snacks; Fondue Saboyana, Oyster Rockefeller (Cream spinach, béchamel sauce & parmesan cheese), Oysters with Emmental Cheese sauce, Pissaladierre, Onion tart, Truffade, Quiche Lorraine (homemade pastry crust filled with eggs, milk, cream, bacon and cheese), ‘Tartiflette au Reblochon’ (Potato tart baked with French Reblochon cheese), Volovant, Beef tongue in Madeira sauce, Ratatouille, Nicoise Salad (cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, olives, potatoes, anchovies, red bell pepper, shallots, fresh tuna and served with in extra virgin olive oil dressing), Roquefort Salad (Pear, Roquefort cheese, Caramelized pecan nuts, lettuce, cherry tomatoes & more served with homemade Dijon dressing), Forcemeat, Pomme Dauphine, Pomme Croquette

French Basic/mother Sauces; Béchamel sauce, Hollandaise sauce, Velouté sauce, Espagnole sauce (dark roasted bone gravy), Tomato sauce, French Raito sauce (Provençal red wine sauce with tomatoes, capers and olives), Aioli Sauce (French Garlic Mayonnaise)

Soups; Clarified meat stock (le bouillon), Bouillabaisse (fish stew), Vichyssoise (creamy soup made of boiled, puréed leeks, onions, potatoes, cream, and chicken stock, can be cold or hot served), Bisque (crustacean cream soup), French Beer soup, French onion soup au gratin, Broccoli cream soup served with fresh made baguette butter croutons)

Meat main / principal dishes; Poule au pot (chicken), La fricassee de veau (veal stew), ‘La blanquette d agneau’ (Lamb leg, cooked & served in a creamy mushroom sauce), Beef Bourguignon (Beef stew in red wine sauce), Lapin a la moutarde (Rabbit in mustard sauce), ‘Coq au vin’ (Chicken pot braised with wine & mushrooms), Cassoulet (meat & white bean stew), Confit de canard (marinated Duck slow cooked), Margret de Canard (Duck breast) with orange sauce & served with ‘pomme dauphine’ (crisp potato puffs)

Seafood main / principal dishes; Bourride (fish stew), Sole Meunière (fish filet with lemon butter sauce), Bouillinade (Fish and Potato Bake), ‘Moules Mariniere’ (with shallots, garlic & white wine steamed mussels), Fish quenelle

Sweets and Desserts; Tarta Tartin (French apple tart), Ceufs a la neige (sweet snow eggs), Chocolate Soufflé (served right out of the oven), Bizcocho Saboya (pear cake), French crepes with flamed bananas, white and dark mousse au chocolat, Green Apple Sorbet, Crème Brulee (custard base topped with hardened caramelized sugar), Éclair, Paris Brest, Beignet, Mille feuille cake, French strawberry charlotte cake, Custard tart, Pralines, Chocolate Mendiants, Gâteau au noix (French nut cake), Croquembouche cake, French ‘crepes suzette’ (crêpe with a sauce of caramelized sugar and butter, orange juice, zest + Grand Marnier), ‘Bueche de noel’ (France sponge cake with chocolate buttercream)



             Popular International Cuisine Dishes;                        

Breakfast dishes: Spinach - mushroom – cheese omelet (with local organic eggs), Eggs Benedict style (English Muffin freshly made from scratch - Crunchy Smoked Bacon - Poached Eggs + fresh made Béarnaise sauce)

Soups; Russian Borscht Soup, Asian WonTon Soup, Hungarian Goulash soup (rich soup made with bell peppers, garlic, onions, tomatoes, red wine and beef meat seasoned with paprika, cumin, lemon and other spices), Japanese ramen soup, 3 color bell pepper soup, Duck broth with meatballs, Carrot cream soup, Indian Tomato ‘Saar’ (vegetarian soup from Maharashtra) 

Side dishes: Almond Broccoli, Cauliflower au gratin Polish style, Caramelized Vichy Carrots, marinara sauce stuffed & baked zucchinis, Potato cheese gratin, Spinach potato pure, Chayote pearls in butter sauce, green beans in bacon with caramelized onion, cream spinach, Asparagus ‘a la flamande’, fried onion rings, Garlic bread  

Appetizers; Peruvian ceviche (fresh made with tuna fish filet, sea salt, lemon juice, red onion, fresh habanero and serrano chili & more), Hummus, Falafel, Crab cakes (made from fresh boiled blue crabs), Club sandwich, Tuna fish salad, Greek salad, Herb dressing, Yoghurt dressing, Green salad, Ranch dressing, Baba Ganoush (Eggplant dip for vegies), Artichoke dip for vegies, garlic and herb butter for breads, Belgian Mussel’s/-Moules frites (Belgium style steamed mussels served with French rice), Waldorf Salad (fruit and nut salad generally made of fresh apples, celery, grapes and walnuts), Latkes (Crunchy Potato tarts) with apple sauce (traditional for Hanukkah)

Main dishes; Chinese Crunchy Fried Spring rolls (stuffed with fresh veggies & chicken breast in sweet sour sauce), Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls (Rice wrappers stuffed with fresh veggies and chicken breast), Hungarian Goulash (Beef stew), Japanese style Teppanyaki (Iron Plate roasted veggies, beef, chicken or shrimp), Japanese teriyaki (vegies, beef, pork or chicken cooked in a sweet ginger/soya sauce ), Turkish Doner Kebab, Tzatziki sauce, Yakimeshi (Japanese style rice dish), Japanese style Tempura (shrimp, fish and veggies), Teriyaki sauce, Homemade Thai curry’s (Red, Yellow & Green), Bami Goreng, Homemade Indian Curry, Moroccan Couscous with Lamb meat, Gourmet Meat Burgers (2 styles – meat natural & prepared meat), Fish burger, Fish & Chips English style,  Gordon Blue Steak, ‘Austrian Tafelspitz’ Veal shoulder meat stew (slow cooked and served in horseradish sauce), Boneless quail stuffed with mushrooms, Beef wellington, Rack of ribs (Pork & Beef) with BBQ sauce, crunchy Chicken wings, Indian Chicken Tikka Masala (roasted marinated chicken in a spiced curry sauce), Indian ‘Rogan Josh’ (lamb curry), Indian ‘Bhuna Gosht’ (Roasted mutton)

Desserts; Red velvet cake, Egg white sponge cake, Cheese cake (Lemon & Blueberry), Lemon Pie, Fruit Pie, Apple Strudel, Brownies, waffles, Hot cakes, Tapioca Dessert, homemade vanilla sauce, homemade ice cream, almond paste, fruit coulis, Carrot cake, Fruit salad, Chinese Candied Banana Fritters with Sesame Seeds, Indian Goan Coconut Cake Baath, Indian Mango Lassi Smoothie, ‘Melomakarona’ (egg-shaped Greek dessert made from flour, olive oil and honey), ‘Kolaczki’ (Polish Cream Cheese Cookies), Cinnamon star cookies (Austria), Snowball meringue cookies (Austria), Pumpkin pie (spiced, pumpkin-based custard filling), Apple pie with vanilla sauce, Vietnamese coconut banh flan


                   International Breads & Baking;                         

I can teach you:

About how to cook on altitude and on sea level, how to make your own sourdough, how to make pre fermentations, homemade Puff Pastry dough (with butter or Vegetable lard, how to make french or american pie crusts and other tips and tracks for salty or sweet backing.

I can teach you how to make and bake: Chocolatine (pain au Chocolate), Almond Croissants, Cinnamon rolls, Baguette, Pain de capagne (sour dough bread), Brioch, Biga Breads, Italian parmesan Bread sticks, Ciabatta bread, English muffin, Lardy cake, Bagels, Scone Breads, Stuttie cake Breads, White toast Bread, Roasted Onion Bread, Banana Bread, Bulkie Roll Breads, Corn bread, Sweet Muffins, Bhatura Bread, Pita Bread, Naan (Asian Bread), Herb bread, Garlic Bread, Stuffed peperoni cheese bread roll, Mexican Bolillo bread, Mexican Telera bread, Mexican “Bread of the dead”   


                                    Fish and Seafood;                                

I can teach you how to: 

how to filet correctly and with efficiency big & small size fishes, round and flat fishes, how to identify quality and freshness of fish, mollusks and crustaceans

how to handle fresh or frozen seafood

how to storage or conserve seafood

how to apply different cooking techniques for the different types of seafood, how to clean and prepare for storage whole fishes, crustaceans and mollusks

how to treat, clean, cook and prepare lobster

how to apply different cooking techniques to fish filets or whole fish

how to clean shrimps with shell, how to clean and cook whole crabs

how to clean and cook many different types of clams like geo duck clam, chocolate clam and other mollusk like Octopus and squid

how to open, clean and prepare live oysters

how to clean and prepare mussels

how to cook scallops

what is surimi and what to do with it

how to make Grave Lax (marinated salmon)

how to cook salmon, tune and white fish filet's with correct cooking technique, how to make a stuffed seafood roll.

And I can teach you how to cook certain seafood technique dishes like for example:

Basic Fish broth, Clarified fish broth, Sushi (sashimi, rolls and nigiri), Gravelax (Salmon marinated Islandic style), fish balls in tomato sauce, baked stuffed fish, stuffed blue crab with crab salad, ricotta cheese and spinach stuffed mussels, backed clam’s au gratin, Octopus in white wine tempura, backed seafood pie and more.

                             Sausages Making Class:                              

Lets make some sausages and learn all about it:
1: We will make fresh Italian sausage
2: We will make some German Curry Sausage 
3: I will teach you how to cold & hot smoke and how to use liquid smoke
4: I will teach how to fry, poach, grill and storage your sausages
5: I will teach you about sausage casings, thick grinding & thin grinding
6: I will teach you about the most commune sausage ingredients and seasonings and also tell you how and where to buy them 



       Professional / Advanced Cooking techniques;           

I can teach you:

How to take the bones out of a whole quail, duck and chicken.

How to cut correctly the different muscles of veal, beef and pork meat

How to make a clear or brown stews, broths and sauces

How to use and apply Molecular Cuisine cooking techniques

How to cook with hot & cold smoke

How to vacuum marinade & cook

How to cook 'sous vide' 

How using the siphon for culinary techniques

How to combine & mix cooking techniques

How to create dishes rich in natural UMAMI chemicals 

How to create deconstructed food

How to cook with nitrogen and dry ice

All about applying controlled temperature and time cooking

How to create your own Author Cuisine

How to create contemporary cuisine

All about preserving food techniques

Fruit & vegetable carving techniques

Styles of how to decorate, present and plate food correctly

How to balance food ingredients and servings

How to choose & combine food ingredients

How to make caramel and caramel hair

How to temper chocolate

How to apply degrees of steak doneness

& More 


                                     Healthy Cuisine;                                     

I can teach you:

Culinary techniques and tips on how to cook delicious dishes, based on a healthy cuisine diet, including for all types of Vegetarians, Vegans or people with nutritional inefficiency or alimentary restrictions including gluten free cuisine. 

How to use and the applying of healthy cooking techniques

How to balance correct the creating and making of meals

How to buy correctly and how to choose the correct ingredients for your diet

How to choose healthy ingredients

Why and where to by local

How to cook with low carbohydrates content

How to eat fiber rich

How to cook healthy side dishes

How to cook and eat vegetarian and more. 

I can teach you how to make:

Gluten free flour's

Gluten free breads

Gluten free cakes

Gluten free pastas

Gluten free side dishes

Gluten free cookies

Lactose free food

Sugar free (but still tasty) deserts For Vegan Cuisine: I can teach you how to cook delicious low carb & high protein Vegan dishes


           Employer training, class for maids and/or servants:  

I can train your staff:

How to dress, how to set a table, how to serve food, wine, drinks, ice, water.  How to hold different glasses. How to open and serve wine and champagne, how to pour beer.  How to make and serve coffee and tea.  How to clear the table after each course or meal.  How to wash dishes. How to clean the kitchen and food storage places. How to storage in the fridge or Freezer efficient and to avoid cross contamination. How to greet guests.  Proper manners if there is more than one person in the kitchen (talk in whispers)

How to take care of the sick and elderly - basic needs


       Administration for Gastronomy Businesses Course:       

This course/class is a personalized sit and talk session in which you will learn:

how to plan and organize menus for different types of events or food business

how to costs recipes and menus

how to plan with strategy a kitchen design

how to analyze competitions and food industry in general

how to create competitive concepts

how to create and design dishes and menus with strategy

how to buy and storage with strategy and care food ingredients

how to plan, organize and run with efficiency a restaurant or food business

how to apply an Hazard Prevention and Control, how to set up efficient schedules for your workers, how to set up an cost control, how to find food suppliers, how to select your employees, what to train your employees, analyze of efficiency

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